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All Valorant Agents and their Abilities

Each character of the Valorant game has a unique game style and abilities that accompany the game. The characters in the game are also known as "Agents." Riot developers pay much attention to the team game with agent skills. For this reason, awareness and learning about the capabilities of each agent is very important.

'Valorant' character abilities

Each Valorant agent has four abilities.

Signature Ability - Each round, agents receive their Signature Ability for free.

Ultimate Ability - This ability is replenished when you commit kills. The more kills, the more complete this ability.

Ability 1 - you have the opportunity to acquire this ability between rounds.

Ability 2 - The conditions for acquiring this ability are the same - you can get it only between rounds, however, you will need to pay a certain amount of credits.

Most of these abilities are designed to slow down an enemy team. Besides, these abilities are aimed at blocking a team of enemies from advancement.

Decent amounts of abilities are Area of Effect Attacks (AOE). Thus, they cause the greatest damage to the enemy in the selected radius, beyond which they do not affect them.

To reach an ultimatum, you need to score the right amount of skill points. There are three ways to score points:

  1. They can be collected on the map (one point for the team).
  2. Points can be collected by killing. Each kill is one point.
  3. If you do not perform any actions, then skill points can be collected passively in each round.

'Valorant' classes

The structure of the 'Valorant' game is the same as in many FPS games. There are four classes:

  • Duelist - they are associated with attackers, as they push to conflict with a team of rivals;
  • Initiator - this class collects information and mainly helps the team in advancement;
  • Sentinel - this class plays behind the back of the team. They represent common defenders and the rear;
  • Controllers - they block sights and provide support for the entire team.

It is worth noting that each character can be selected only once. There are two ways to unlock characters. Some of them are already available at the start. The remaining characters will need to be unlocked using the progression/battle pass system. Perhaps, you have met previously a similar system, for example, in League of Legends.


Phoenix is ​​a pyromancer whose main feature is an explosive game. He uses fire to control the course of the battle. With the help of fire, he has many abilities - he can use this to build walls, create flashes, and as AoE Molotov. As in other cases, he has his ultimatum in tune with his name. Phoenix can be reborn in the place where it activated the ultimatum if he died during the battle.


The breach is created to function as an initiator. It perfectly passes through walls and opponents that hold chokepoints. His mechanics go through terrain and across the map to CC and kill enemies.


This character uses stockpiles to attack with toxic gases. In his abilities the possibility to release poison from a grenade or create a wall with poisonous steam. The essence of his ultimatum is that he creates an area with poisonous vapor and can destroy a large number of enemies, as in a bombardment. This is very similar to some kind of trap.


It has universal capabilities and can use minimaps. It can do damage with smoke grenades and fire napalms, which have a similar effect to Molotov. Besides, in his competence to strengthen allies and cause a powerful airstrike.


This is a master archer who can repel arrows, scout, and kill enemies. It also has a handy owl, with which you can quickly scout the enemy's whereabouts and neutralize him. Moreover, in combination with his ultimatum, an owl can activate shooting with three flashes of lightning through the walls.


Cypher is a spy who collects information about the enemy’s team using travel wires and a camera. He acts well in defense, but also has great value in attack. It can limit potential flanking routes or makes it easier to prevent a drop.


This player can cheat and use the teleport to cross the enemy's line and start to strike. Among his other abilities is the one to pass through a wall and blur the enemy’s vision using a smoke grenade.


This is the fastest and most mobile agent among all the characters of 'Valorant', making him considered the best duelist. Outside the smoke grenade, there is no particular sense from it. However, with the help of an accelerated jump, this agent can rise to high positions and act from a height.


This agent is a healer and has a protectively oriented set with a healing ball. This can be used to heal himself or another player from the allies’ team. This agent also has the most powerful ultimatum, which can resurrection. In addition to healing and resurrection abilities, Sage has ice abilities that slow down the enemy, and the ice wall that can raise an ally to a height.


This agent is undoubtedly an expert in explosives. He has the most powerful killing potential in `Valorant`. Among his set of weapons, you can find anything you want - detonated grenades that work remotely, cluster bombs, and even an exploding robot or rocket launcher.