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Credits200 • 1 Use

Ability 1

EXECUTE the creating of the wall made of fire.LEFT CLICK to create the wall made of fire. It will protect you from enemies’ eyes, damages everybody who touches but heals you when you will do so.HOLD LEFT CLICK to turn the wall to the left or HOLD RIGHT CLICK to turn it to the right.


Damage10 every 0.25 seconds (40 DPS)
Healing12.5 HPS (maximum 72)
Duration6 seconds


  • Damage teammates


Credits200 • 2 Uses

Ability 2

EXECUTE the throw by the fireball to blind everybody who was watching at it. LEFT CLICK to bend the direction of the fireball's fly to the left.RIGHT CLICK to do the same action but to the right side.


Duration0.05 – 0.8 seconds
Time to Pop0.5 seconds


  • Affect teammates
  • Facing away reduces the blind duration
Hot Hands

Hot Hands

Free • 1 Use


EXECUTE the throw by the fireball.LEFT CLICK to throw the fireball that will explode within few seconds or after the contact with the earth. After the explosion creating a fire puddle that damages enemies.


Damage15 every 0.25 seconds (60 DPS)
Healing12 HPS (maximum 48)
Duration4 seconds


  • Resets after 2 kills
Run it Back

Run it Back

6 Ult Meter


IMMEDIATELY marking the spot where you are using the ability. If you die or the timer runs out, Phoenix will be reborn in the spot where the skill was used with a full health bar.


Duration10 seconds
Respawn Animation1 second


Valorant agents guide: How to play as Phoenix

One of the most loved characters in this game is Phoenix, who is basically the leader of the team. He is the one who can create a wall from the fire that will not just protect him but heal, throw fireballs to blind enemies, and much more - these are abilities of the real leader. Reborn in the fire just like a real Phoenix - his Ultimate ability which will help your team to win.

So, we are going to tell about using these abilities for getting maximum benefits.


The first spell is the wall made of fire. You can make this wall straight or turn it to the left or right (depends on the left or right mouse button you click).


  • If Phoenix will go through the wall or just stay inside, the fire will start healing him. The most useful ability in every game.
  • Unfortunately, this wall will not protect you as a shield from the bullets but will blind up your enemies so that they must be really lucky to kill you shooting randomly.


The next spell is the fireball you shall throw to blind everybody who was nearby looking at it. You can curve it to the left or right, by the same mouse control as it was with the Blaze.


  • You have to use Curveball when you are standing by the corner. The curve for it is 90 degrees. You must use it properly, otherwise, it will blind you too.
  • It blinds both your enemies and teammates.


Another fireball that will fire up the land after contact with it. Everything is pretty simple - the fire hurts your enemies and heals you.


  • Now all the members from another team will think twice before fighting Phoenix in small rooms or corridors.
  • This spell doesn't hurt enemies really bad so that you should not afraid to waste it for healing when you are standing somewhere alone.


Before using this ability you must mark a safe spot on the map. Then you can go and kill your enemies. When the time of this spell will run out or you will get killed, Phoenix will reborn on the safe spot with a full health bar.


  • Everything you have done during using Run It Back will stay with you after the rebirth. For example, when the Spike is in a bad position you can use the spell, fix the situation, kill a few enemies, and then teleport to the place you activated it.
  • You must be careful with picking up the safe spot, because after activating the spell there going to be a circle of fire. Your enemies can easily find it and wait for your rebirth, to kill Phoenix before you will get control over your character back.
  • Using this ability you never get to risk by your life. If you are not a patient gamer you can go-ahead to attack enemies and check their positions on your own. If you like to play in defense, you can go inside of the enemy team's block post, which will surely surprise them.


  • Surely, it depends on the situation, but sometimes you have to hide by the corner to use healing abilities before the fight.
  • Curveball certainly the pretty effective blinding ability to use not just in the corridors or on the corners, but never forget about using it against your enemies in windows or ledges above you (by throwing the curveball up).
  • You can use Blazewall for protecting yourself from the blinding of Curveball.
  • Using Run It Back and teleports on the Bind can be a really powerful combination. You can use this ultimate ability for killing enemies on this site and then after the resurrection to go there and plant. If you are really lucky, you can even plant on the side you were reborn earlier.