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Barrier Orb

Barrier Orb

Credits400 • 1 Use

Ability 1

EXECUTE the creation of the barrier orb.LEFT CLICK creates a straight wall.RIGHT CLICK allows turning the wall (before placing it).


Number of Pillars4
Duration40 seconds


  • Each pillar has 1000 health
  • Each pillar is 3m long
  • Melee attacks deal double damage to the wall
  • Decay begins after 8 seconds and ends at 5 seconds remaining 1 HP
Slow Orb

Slow Orb

Credits100 • 2 Uses

Ability 2

EXECUTE the creation of the slow orb.LEFT CLICK to throw the sphere ahead. It explodes after the contact with the earth and creates a big puddle filled with blue liquid, that slowing down everybody who stepped in.


Duration7 seconds
Hump Height Reduction30%


  • Affect teammates
Healing Orb

Healing Orb

Free • 1 Use


EXECUTE the creation of the healing orb.LEFT CLICK while looking at the damaged teammate to heal him (only standing close to the exact player).RIGHT CLICK to do the self-heal.


Healing5 HP every 0.25 seconds (20 HPS)
Duration5 seconds


  • Does not replenish shields
  • 2 seconds heal lockout after taking damage from any source (except friendly fire and fall damage)


7 Ult Meter


EXECUTE the pushing on the hotkey for using the resurrection skill.LEFT CLICK over the dead teammate to start bringing him back to life. After a few seconds, the ally will be resurrected with a full health bar.


Total Animation Duration3.3 seconds
Invulnerability2 seconds
Vulnerability1.3 seconds


Valorant character guide: How to play as Sage

Sage is a unique character, a Sentinel Agent, who, thanks to his abilities, can heal other team players. In parallel with this, this agent can control the areas of the map that are next to him.

Using Healing Orb, he can heal his allies or keep their health full, and Resurrection ultimate allows him to even bring back to life a dead teammate. In addition to healing abilities, he has abilities that are perfectly manifested in defense. Sage can block certain areas of the map and even entire entrances. The ability to slow down the field allows reducing the speed of any object that gets into this area. The person who got into this field will move and crawl slowly, like a snail.

Below we will cover all of Sage’s abilities, as well as tricks, on how to use them most effectively.


Create a large and powerful wall. By clicking on the right mouse button, rotate the wall before casting.

A few tricks:

  • This wall can be enormous, and it always consists of several parts. Each part has its health bar, and for each of them, it takes a certain time to destroy. The larger the health bar, the more powerful the part of the wall.
  • An agent cannot pass through a wall, but can only shoot at it. So before you throw a wall up to isolate yourself or someone from anything, make sure that neither you nor your teammates need to go anywhere soon.
  • You and other team players have the opportunity to climb a higher point on the map, but you can do this only while building a wall. While you are standing on the top of the wall, you can explore the nearby territories. After the construction is completed, this ability will no longer be available.


Drop the radianite ball and with it, you will slow down the selected field. All objects that are in this area slow down and make a characteristic noise when they move.

A few tricks:

  • After the ball hit the ground, the slow field expands within 1-2 seconds. At this point, the slowdown does not work at full strength. But when it expands completely, it will reach its maximum peak. To get through this field, jump over it with several jumps, but do it quickly.
  • Be careful, not only enemies but also friendly players will slow down if they get into this area.


Using this ability, you can heal yourself or a player of the team in just a few seconds.

A few tricks:

  • Apply the healing ability as early as possible, as the healing process is rather slow. Do not wait for your allies to join the battle if they have less than 50 health points. Activate the ability in advance.
  • Applying to heal once you should not hope that it will be acting for a long time. Death in the game comes quickly, so do not stop and continue to heal the chosen target or yourself.
  • The ability has a fast reload speed, so you can use it several times in one round.


This is a special healing ability. Choose a target and apply the ability, after a while, your ally will be resurrected with full health.

A few tricks:

  • Resurrection does not happen instantly, it takes time. Your opponents can take advantage of this time and kill an ally during the process. Use ultimate carefully, as resurrection is accompanied by a loud sound.
  • If your friend was killed far from a place to hide, think about protecting him. Throw up the wall, and only then use the resurrection ability so that your comrade will not be killed by an enemy while he is moving to cover.


Although the Sage agent is not so good at attacking, it has a special value in defense, especially of the team. With its healing and resurrection abilities, Sage provides good support to allies during the battle.