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Owl Drone

Owl Drone

Credits300 • 1 Use

Ability 1

EXECUTE the launch of the flying drone.LEFT CLICK to release the drone and start observing.LEFT CLICK during the Owl Drone mode, to shoot by a dart into the opponent to highlight him.


Duration10 seconds
Dart Cooldown5 seconds (Refreshes On-Hit, Can Stack)


  • Makes noise because of engine rotors
  • Dart pings 3 times, revealing for 0.8 seconds every 1.2 seconds
Shock Bolt

Shock Bolt

Credits100 • 2 Uses

Ability 2

EXECUTE the pushing of the hotkey to arm with a bow and the shock bolt.LEFT CLICK to shoot the bolt, let it “explode” and hurt everybody who standing nearby.HOLD LEFT CLICK to lengthen the distance for the shot.RIGHT CLICK to add 1-2 times for bolt to bounce off walls.


Damage40 - 90


  • Damage teammates
Recon Bolt

Recon Bolt

Free • 1 Use


EXECUTE the pushing of the hotkey to arm with a bow and the recon bolt.LEFT CLICK to shoot with the bolt ahead. It will check the area around for enemies and show their location. Your opponents can destroy it.HOLD LEFT CLICK to lengthen the distance for the shot.RIGHT CLICK to add 1-2 times for bolt to bounce off walls.


Duration5.625 seconds
Pulses Every1.875 seconds
Reveal Enemy1 second
Cooldown35 seconds


  • Arrow pings 3 times revealing enemies in line of sight of the arrow
Hunter's Fury

Hunter's Fury

7 Ult Meter


EXECUTE the pushing of the hotkey to make 3 shots by the arrows made of energy for the long distance. The shots will go through walls or other blocks.LEFT CLICK to shoot the energy blasts in the straight line in the direction Sova is looking at. It will damage enemies that standing in their way. Can be used 2 more times before the timer runs out.


Reveal Duration1.2 seconds (to self only)


  • Pierces Walls

Valorant agents guide: How to play as Sova

Sova is one of the Valorant characters who act as initiators and sets great fights. Thanks to his abilities, the rest of the team players can get more information about what they may face. His signature ability is Recon Bolt. With its help, the Sova can detect enemy sites, and this ability makes the character a strong and powerful opponent in both attack and defense.

In addition to scouting, the Sova has other interesting abilities, each of which makes him strong. We will briefly consider all the abilities, and as a bonus - tips on how to use them correctly.


All you need is to fire an explosive bolt. Upon impact, it exudes a damaging pulse of static energy.

A few tips:

  • Sova’s Shock Bolt will be useful to clean an area that is out of your vision. When you move to someplace, you need to think in advance, where you will stand and where it will be more convenient for you to defend yourself. Shoot this place with an arrow to clear the area for yourself.
  • Although this arrow does little damage, it is enough to soften the target from afar without directly fighting. If you are close to an enemy who is in full health, then this arrow is best not to be used as a weapon replacement. This simply will not be enough to defeat an opponent.


Expand a pilotable drone that can shoot darts. The same drone will show you the enemies you hit.

A few tips:

  • As long as you use this ability, the Sova will remain in the same place. Therefore, you must make sure that you choose a fairly safe place where there are no enemies nearby. Only after that jump into the drone.
  • It’s a good idea if someone from your team keeps track of your drone while still being in a short distance from you. As long as the enemy drone is distracted by you and tries to shoot, he simply will not expect that he can be in danger, because your companion is watching your drone and he can take this chance to attack the enemy.


Launch an arrow that can expand a sonar emitter. With the help of the sonar pings, you hold enemies nearby, thereby revealing them. Thus, the enemy can be destroyed.

A few tips:

  • You need to make sure that the area in which you want to reveal enemies is in direct line of sight of the arrow without any barriers. This is necessary because the ability does not allow you to see enemies through the walls.
  • Using right-click and alternate fire, you can make The Recon Bolt bounce up to two times. These options are set by default. Thus, you can bounce off walls and enter areas that may not be safe to shoot directly.
  • This ability can be used several times per round, as it has a fast reload speed.


Now let's move on to the most interesting - the ultimate. Fire up to three deadly energy blasts that spear across the map. The enemy you hit will take heavy damage and a special mark.

A few tips:

  • You have the opportunity to see in advance where your Ultimate will go on the minimap. You can do this while the Ultimate is in gear.
  • Even though Ultimate can pass through walls, it will not be superfluous to make sure that you have chosen the correct shot height. Before you shoot, remember the elevated parts of the map and which are not raised.
  • Hunter’s Fury is of particular value for killing. However, for denying an area this is much more useful. Knowing that the enemy team is trying to go out the door, you can stop them using Ultimate while your teammates move forward. Even better would be to plant Spike in parallel. This way you can take advantage of enemies with the use of Hunter’s Fury and prevent the team of rivals from defusing while being at a safe distance from them.


This agent is well suited if you want to transfer the team to a defensive or offensive position at the beginning of the game.

It may seem difficult to hit the enemy with Hunter’s Fury, especially if you don’t know where he is. However, the presence of three charges neutralizes the inability to see the enemy.

Sova’s Shock Bolt will be especially useful for attacking enemies who are hiding behind walls or other objects. By launching it, you will clear the area where it was directed, even if there are obstacles there.

Recon Bolt is the most useful one. You have an additional advantage over the enemy, as you can see through the walls and follow the movements of the opponent.