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Stim Beacon

Stim Beacon

Credits100 • 2 Uses

Ability 1

EXECUTE an installing of the beacon.LEFT CLICK to install the special beacon nearby. It will give you and your teammates with the Rapidfire buff.


10% FasterFire Rate / Reload Speed / Aim Recovery / Equip Speed
Duration12 seconds
Buff Duration4 seconds




Credits300 • 1 Use

Ability 2

EXECUTE a shot by the molotov.LEFT CLICK to shoot a molotov that triggers after the contact with the land, after which creates a fire-puddle that damages everyone who will step in it.


Damage15 every 0.25 seconds (60 DPS)
Duration8 seconds


  • Damage teammates
Sky Smoke

Sky Smoke

Credits100 • 3 Uses


EXECUTE the opening of the minimap.LEFT CLICK to choose up to 3 spots where smokescreens will fall.RIGHT CLICK to confirm the action and create large smokescreens that are limiting the observation for players.


Duration14.25 seconds
Expansion Duration0.75 seconds


Orbital Strike

Orbital Strike

6 Ult Meter


EXECUTE the opening of the minimap.LEFT CLICK to start an airstrike in the large selected area that will cause serious damage to everyone (in this area) during few seconds.


Damage20 every 0.16 seconds (125 DPS)
Windup2 seconds
Duration4 seconds


  • Damage teammates
  • Pierces Walls

Valorant guide: How to play as Brimstone

This character is the main controller whose spells will let your team take control over the battleground. He can put a beacon on the ground to enhance the power and speed of all your teammates' weapons. Another special ability allows him to call down from 1 to 3 smokescreens that will cut out the free view for your enemies. The ultimate ability calls an airstrike which can kill many opponents at the same time.

More detailed information about Brimstone's abilities in the article below.


Shooting by the molotov which will fire up the area around it fell, damaging everyone inside.


  • These molotovs can ricochet from walls. Use this tip for getting into places where your enemies can hide.
  • You can not just use it for killing your enemies but for limiting opponents' mobility by setting fire to the ground.


Use this ability on the ground next to you to place Stim Beacon that will give you and everybody in your team Rapidfire.

Rapidfire - AoE buff with a certain radius of working.

It will gift you with:
- 10% increased rate of fire

- 10% faster reload

- 10% faster weapon swap

- 10% recoil spread recovery


  • The gadget given by that ability allows everybody to do all the actions with a weapon much faster (only you and your team inside of its working zone). This ability lasts 4 more seconds after the player leaves the working zone of the Stim Beacon. Pretty useful buff before an extensive fight or when you protect the bomb.
  • In situations when you and your enemy are in the small closed area, use it as a bait. Place beacon somewhere, and when your enemy will distract on it, just go by another way and surprise him by an unexpected death from behind.
  • You don't have to look at the Stim Beacon for getting benefits from it. You can place it behind the wall and keep going with its buff.


Use your minimap for picking up 1-3 places where you want to create smokescreens. Picking up places - left click, activate them - right click.


  • You are going to have only 1 free per round but can buy two more. If you haven't used the free one, it will be moved to the next round automatically.
  • The spell cast can be used on a big segment of the map around the Brimstone but not on the entire map at once. Firstly, you have to get closer to the area you want to place smog on and find a safe place because you won't be able to fight during using the ability (in minimap mode).
  • Use it on the strategically important places, like entrances or exits. When you are in the attack, use it wherever your enemies may appear. If you stand in the defense, use it on the ways to the bomb and win some time while your opponents waiting for the moment it will disappear. If they will not wait, they will get blinded for a few seconds what is enough for you to kill them.


Use your minimap and mark where you want rockets to hit, causing huge damage during a few seconds.


  • The ability goes on for approximately 4 seconds and the Spike clearing takes about 7 seconds. That means you can use Orbital Strike immediately after you hear\see somebody demining it. Also, when you hear/see somebody running to the Spike and there is very little time left (on the bomb) you can use the ultimate ability, to scare the enemy away.
  • Everybody must remember that buildings don't protect from this airstrike.


  • His spell that creates smokescreens basically is the best ability in the game. There are so many ways to use it: block sight for snipers, trick your enemies about the way you are moving by, use it to save your teammates during the attack, etc. However, you have to remember that maximum efficiency can be reached only by tight communication with your teammates. Always warn them about places where you are going to use Sky Smoke or Orbital Strike and, by the possibility, use your skills by their demand.
  • Beacon itself is as useful as the Rapidfire. Use Stim Beacon in the corridor and hide after the corner. Now there are only two ways of what's going to happen: your enemies will go another way\wait until the spell's time will run out (but you will have enough time to prepare) or they will attack immediately and you will have to use all the advantages, according to the buff's abilities we described higher.