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Haven, Bind, and Split

The map Haven contains three plant sites. This means that the defenders need to spread our more to hold the entrances to all three points or choose 2 spots to protect, leaving the third one open.

Point B requires special attention as it is easy for attackers to enter from any direction. It is in the middle of the map and has links for both defenders and attackers to reach the A and C sites. So, similar to gaining mid control, having control of B site is advantageous, as you can rotate more easily or prevent your opponents from rotating.

The default setup for defenders is two on A, one on B, one in Garage (C Window and C Short on the map), and one on C Site.

Be careful in case you decide to go to C Long or A Long, as the long sightlines are very good for snipers.

The area in front of B is usually called Mid or Courtyard, and control of this area is important as well.

The two ultimate orbs, which give an ult point, are located in A Long and C Long.

The Bind map contains teleporters which provide a quick path from one half of the map to the other. Bind has two sites, A and B, and no conventional mid.

This map is very small and has many choke points, so be careful of AOE abilities when pushing with your team. The default defender setup is three people on A Site and two on B Site.

Teleporters are one-way only, with one going from A Short to B Short and the other from B Long to A Lobby near A Bath. Also, teleporters are very loud when you go through them, so both teams will know that someone has teleported. There is also a sound when someone throws an ability, such as Sage’s Slow Orb, through the portal, but it can be easily distinguished from that of an agent teleporting. The teleporters are good for both defenders and attackers: attackers can bait utility then rotate to B Site to plant, and defenders can flank attackers quickly.

The two ultimate orbs on this map are outside B Garden next to the teleporter and near the attackers’ entrance to A Bath.

There are two paths to A Site for attackers: A Bath (also called Showers or A Long) and A Short (sometimes called A Mid or Mid). There are many angles that defenders can hold, as there are multiple cubbies and boxes on the site. Furthermore, agents like Jett and Raze have various stacks of boxes that they can hold off-angles from. A Tower, commonly called Heaven, allows defenders to cover both A Short and A Bath and is a popular spot for snipers.

There are also two paths to B Site: B Long and B Short. B Long leads into B Garden, and B Short leads to B Window (also called Hookah). There is a large tube on B Site and multiple boxes for defenders to hold angles from, and defenders can also be in B Hall or Elbow, through which they can move from one side of the site to the other. B Long is also a favorite spot for snipers, because of the long sightline, so be careful when pushing through B Long. B Window also contains many corners an enemy can hide behind, including a stack of boxes on the right on the entrance.

The third map, Split, has a more conventional mid, and mid control is essential to success on Split. It is generally easier to slow or prevent a push to a site on Split, as there is only one entrance to each site, excluding the entrances from mid. Mid control on split allows defenders to rotate quickly or flank and helps attackers push from multiple angles to overwhelm the defenders.

When pushing A Site, it is common for a team to split between pushing A Tower (or Heaven) and A Main. Be careful when pushing A Main, as snipers like to sit in A Screens, A Tower, and A Ramps.

On B Site, there may be a sniper watching B Main from B Back (also called Dumpster), which can make it hard to push. Be careful of the corner on the left of the attackers’ entrance to B Main, as it is common for people to hold B from there.

Generally, defenders will have two people watching A site, one in Mid Vent, one in Mid Mail or B Tower, and one on B Site.

On this map, it is possible to take fall damage from jumping off A Tower or B Tower.