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Credits200 • 2 Uses

Ability 1

EXECUTE installing of the Trapwire.LEFT CLICK to install the trap with the invisible wire between two walls. When the agent will cross it, the trap will daze the player for the short period. Enemies can destroy them, as well as you can deactivate them and pick up, to re-use later.


Daze debuff3 seconds (same as Breach's Daze)
Tether and Reveal3 seconds


Cyber Cage

Cyber Cage

Credits100 • 2 Uses

Ability 2

EXECUTE installing of the cyber cage.LEFT CLICK to throw and install the cage.RIGHT CLICK to activate the gadget and create the cage that will limit vision.


Activation time0.75 seconds
Duration6 seconds


  • Can be picked up and redeployed later
  • Makes a static noise if somebody is inside


Free • 1 Use


EXECUTE installing the camera.LEFT CLICK to place the spycam wherever you need.RE-USE this skill to get into the camera’s display to observe.LEFT CLICK to shoot by a dart into a player to highlight him for your team.


Cooldown on marking dart6 seconds


  • Can be picked up and redeployed later
  • Can activate Cyber Cage from Spycam
  • Pings enemy location every 2 seconds (until removed) 1.5 seconds Channel to remove dart
Neural Theft

Neural Theft

7 Ult Meter


IMMEDIATELY use the drone to scan freshly killed enemy’s brain to know the location of all the members of his team.


Duration4 seconds
Cast Range12m
Upload Time2 seconds
Usage Window on Dead Body20 seconds


  • Shows current location of players after channel ends

Valorant guide: How to play as Cypher

Cypher is the main strategist in the team so that he is the eyes and ears of his teammates. His main uniqueness in installing traps and tracking members from another team. He can use Tripwire to limit his enemy's mobility or Spycam to see areas of the map he doesn't, to be prepared for everything. Using his ultimate ability will let him scan the brains of a just killed player (enemy) to show your all teammates the location of all enemies.

So, we are about to tell you about all the tricks connected with this character.


This wire can be placed in the corridors or anywhere between two walls. Players who cross it will be slowed down and you will get a notification about this action. The trap can be taken back if wasn't used.


  • Always use the trap where your enemies can possibly appear. Even if they will destroy it, you still will get the notification about that action.
  • In the situations when you are in attack\defense, set the trap behind you to be prepared in case of someone appearing just after your back.
  • When you are taking care of the site, use it to be sure that nobody will distract you. If you protect the site, you can leave the trap and leave wherever you need, and get notified in case of trouble.


The trap with remote control. In the case of activation, it limits the enemy's sight and slows him down. Can be activated in two ways: hold "activate" or press the "use" button when you are watching at it.


  • This circle of smog is pretty useful due to its remote control. It can be used for confusing your enemies or covering your allies.
  • Use the trap on the bomb to give your allies extra time for installing or deactivating it.


You can use a unique skill and install a camera wherever you want. Use the ability again (click the same button) to observe the area where the camera was placed. Left mouse click to shoot a dart into player for tracking him. There are two ways of reload - pick the camera up or destroy it.


  • You cannot do anything while observing by the camera. You have to be sure you are in a safe place first.
  • Players with a dart inside are highlighted for you and all your teammates until the enemy will get rid of it. If you see the fight by the camera, you can shoot by the dart into the enemy. It will help your friend to win the fight.
  • The camera is invisible while deactivated. However, it can be destroyed if an enemy knows its location.


Using the drone for getting information about the location of the entire opposite team from the brain of the freshly killed enemy.


  • Use it at the right time. All enemies will be highlighted only for a few seconds for you and your team. Use in the moment of planting the bomb or in defense just after this action.


  • Use the camera to distract your enemies, at the same time giving your allies the possibility to kill them.
  • You must think of your tactics before buying a weapon. Tactics - is what Cypher famous for. Immediately after the start of the round run to tactically important places and set there your traps and camera.
  • Always inform your teammates about the places where you installed your traps. That will help them to spend more time on the protection of the weakest spots.
  • Cypher is rather a defender than an attacker. Use Tripwire and Spycam for the protection of corridors and corners. Cyber Cage will be pretty useful for the closing of the area from snipers.
  • Pay attention, Cypher's abilities can damage his teammates, unlike the abilities of other agents, so use them wisely.