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Shadow Walk

Shadow Walk

Credits100 • 2 Uses

Ability 1

EXECUTE to see a highlighted area of Omen's teleportation.LEFT CLICK to voidwalk over to the selected position.


Cast Time2 seconds
Reform Time1 second




Credits200 • 1 Use

Ability 2

EXECUTE to call upon the blinding vortex.LEFT CLICK to throw it to limit the sight of those touched.


Nearsight Debuff2 seconds (Can only see within 7m)


  • Pierces Walls
  • Affect teammates
Dark Cover

Dark Cover

Free • 2 Uses


EXECUTE to prepare the cloud of shadows.HOLD LEFT CLICK to increase the distance.HOLD RIGHT CLICK to decrease the distance.E to cast the smoke to the desired location. R to shift vision in or out of the shadow realm.


Duration15 seconds
Cooldown35 seconds


  • Pierces Walls
From the Shadows

From the Shadows

7 Ult Meter


EXECUTE to open the minimap.LEFT CLICK to teleport wherever you want on the map in a shadow form. Find more information below.X to cancel the teleportation at will.


Cast Time4 seconds
Shade Form2.5 seconds
Reform Time0.75 seconds


  • Blocks minimap for enemy team

Valorant character guide: How to play as the agent Omen

Omen can be one of the most difficult and, at the same time, the most exciting agents among all others in this game. He is a controller, so his teammates rely on him throughout the rounds. Omen has two simple spells for helping his teammates, such as Dark Cover or Paranoia, in small fights. From The Shadows - if played correctly, this ultimate ability can change the course of the entire battle.

Below, you can find the abilities in detail of Omen, as well as tips on how to play him.


Execute the spell to bring out an unstable sphere of shadows. Once activated, the immense void of darkness approximately ten meters in diameter swarms in the direction thrown. It will near sight anyone in its path, friend or foe, for three seconds. This ability will travel up to forty meters from the initial position. You can also see on the minimap the path and width that it will take.

Some tips & tricks:

  • You can use Paranoia to blind your enemies if you know their location. It can be handy for getting a pick when they cannot see you. Use this ability in tight hallways or corners before pushing.


Executing this spell will make Omen unstable. He can cast himself into the shadow realm and voidwalk up to eighteen meters away. For three seconds, it takes two seconds to teleport to the selected location and one second for him to reform his body.

Some tips & tricks:

  • A perfect way to "climb" on the boxes or stones and other similar objects. Use this ability to get an altitude advantage over your enemies, or dodge gunfire in a typical fire zone.
  • Be wary of the grunt that Omen makes as he teleports. Close by enemies can hear him, and will be alert.
  • You can fake the ability usage. For instance, if an enemy knows your position, you can “teleport away,” or so they think. You can cast this ability to your current location, and the foe may think you are in a different spot.
  • On the map Bind, there are two teleportals. One from bombsite A to B mid/ramp, and one from bombsite B long to A lobby/bathrooms. You can fake going through the teleportal by using this ability as you walk backward, jump, and activate it. By jumping, you are keeping the momentum of your backward movement, and the loud noise of the teleporter will activate, but you will be in the same position. This maneuver is useful if you are the last person alive on the attacker’s team.


Omen casts a shadow ball that will expand into a cloud of smoke once the position sent. He can control the distance of where the orb is shot, and see a highlight of where it will cover. Holding the left mouse button will move it further from your position while the right mouse button will move it closer. By default, when executing the ability, Omen will see into the shadow realm. Pressing R will change his view in or out of the void. The cloud of shadows can stretch up to eighty meters away. That distance is enough to send it across the map. With a nine-meter diameter, this ability has the potential to cover doorways, hallways, and much more. Once placed, anyone can go inside of the smoke and see other players; it is not hazy inside. This ability is affected by gravity and will fall until the core reaches the ground. It will go through the floor if you do not place your crosshair on the desired height along the horizon.

Some tips & tricks:

  • Always keep yourself in a real-world view. You could be in the shadow realm trying to position that perfect smoke, and enemies could be right in front of you, and you would not know it. If you know your location is safe, push it to the desired location and then enter the shadow realm to fine-tune it. Don’t forget to leave that view before casting it. You can see on the minimap where the cloud of smoke will cover.
  • If enemies are pushing another bomb site, quickly throw smoke to help your allies and put uncertainty in the foe by blocking the vision of an area. Once you get a feel for how Omen’s Dark Cover operates, you can do this as you are rotating.


This ability will pull up a map. You can pick any place by left-clicking and teleport there as a lurking shadow. Choose a location, and you will begin to phase through another dimension. An imitation of your body will be revealed as a shadow on the selected spot and will give you a vision of enemies in the surrounding area. The inner-circle is your shadow body, and the outer circle is the range that enemies can hear the distinct warping sound. If enemies see your shadow, they can shoot it to cancel your ultimate. You can also cancel the ultimate yourself by pressing the ability’s execution button. Your real body is vulnerable, use with caution. Four seconds is how long it will take Omen to teleport and reform.

Some tips & tricks:

  • This ultimate ability comes with considerable risk. You can use it to teleport to another bomb site or flank the enemy. However, everyone knows the common strategies with this ability and will be prepared for you.
  • You can teleport to a location and use the chance as recon. Enemies are highlighted in your surroundings, and you can cancel the teleport and relay the information to your allies.


  • You can use the combinations Shadow Walk + Dark Cover or From The Shadows + Dark Cover for covering your exact teleportation spot and raise your chances to survive.
  • Do not hesitate to use Dark Cover throughout the entire round. It recharges after some time, so you have the opportunity to use it multiple times.
  • Omen is a Controller, use him to help your allies push onto the bomb site, delay the enemy team, or get vantage points.