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Marshal gun skins and stats

Valorant weapon guide: The Marshal

The Marshal is the cheapest sniper rifle in the game with a cost of 1100 credits. This weapon is very useful for players who like to "stay in the shadow" and snipe from long distances, such as C Long on Haven. This rifle will be a perfect solution if you don't have enough money for a stronger weapon, such as the Operator (also for long-range sniping) or the Vandal.


It's obvious that the Marshal, just like any sniper rifle, can cause massive damage to its victims. One headshot, which deals 202 damage, can kill an enemy with heavy armor, and one shot to the body, which deals 101 damage, can kill agents who have no armor. Hitting two body shots guarantees a kill on an enemy, even if they have been healed by Sage. A leg shot deals 85 damage, so one more shot to the body will be enough to finish them off.

There is no unbalanced weapon in Valorant and the Marshal isn't an exception. It deals a lot of damage but has a pretty low fire rate (1.5 bullets per second), which makes it the second slowest weapon in the game by that index. The Marshal has 5 bullets in one magazine, after which you will need to reload.

Hipfire accuracy

This weapon is completely accurate when you are using the scope (which has 2.5x zoom), which will help you kill enemies at long range. The Marshal also has pretty good accuracy without using the scope, but this is less viable than scoping in. It has no recoil, so you can immediately shoot after the animation.

It is recommended that you use the scope as it is more accurate and easier to be precise with. While scoped, the Marshal fires exactly where the crosshair shows. The hipfire mode will be useful in moments when your enemies are way too close and you don't have time to use the scope because of the scope animation. Also, if the enemy is that close, the reduced accuracy is less noticeable when no-scoping.

To summarize

The Marshal is a good weapon for its cost. Its high damage will let you kill agents easily, and it is still pretty reliable without scoping. However, unless you are used to sniping in other games, you will need some practice to improve with the Marshal. We recommend this weapon as a "transition weapon" that will allow you to save up for more credits for the next rounds.

Weapon Overview



Cost 1100
Magazine Capacity
Wall Penetration

Primary Fire

Fire Rate
1.5 rounds/sec

Alternate Fire

Zoom Mode (2.5x), slight spread reduction
Fire Rate
1.2 rounds/sec