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Bucky gun skins and stats

The Bucky


Bucky is the cheapest weapon you can get in the game. For spending 900 Credits, you are going to get the most affordable gun in the game and use it as the primary one. So, you will have enough money left for buying armor or skills (depends on which agent you are playing by), which will make you a more effective player. This shotgun is pretty nice to use in a short-range.


The Bucky causes significant damage at the close range, so the well-shot will 100% kill your enemy. It shoots 15 pellets at once. If at least 8 of them will get into in your enemies from a close range (8 meters or less), it is enough to kill them. It would be best if you were sure that you got into the player you were targeting because this shotgun needs 1.1 seconds to reload so that you can get a response shot.

Bullet Spread

It has a large bullet spread, just like each shotgun does. As we already said, the shot from 8 meters or less will be fatal for your enemy. However, sometimes you will have to hit the agent twice to kill. This shotgun is useless for targeting players who are 12 meters away or more because the pellets won't cause enough damage. You have to use Bucky on the close range to get the maximum benefit from it.

Alternate Fire

Fortunately, thanks to its alternate fire, it is not entirely useless on long ranges. After the right-click, you will shoot with a shell containing the pellets inside. After approximately 8 meters, it explodes, and the bullets fire like in the usual shoot. So, you are increasing your high-damage range by 8 meters.

This alternate fire is necessary for hurting enemies on a distance of 10-20 meters. There is an example so that you could compare the difference: if you have an enemy standing 10 meters away, with a usual shot (left click), you will cause him 100 damage and with an alternate fire (right-click) - 300 damage. But using it is very risky because if an agent comes too close to you, the shell won't explode so that he will get minimum damage. The shell itself causes 40 damage to the head, 20 to the body, and 15 to the legs.

To summarize

This shotgun is perfect for killing an enemy on a close-range because the one-shot is enough for it. The Bucky is cheap so that you will have enough money left for buying armor, abilities, or a secondary weapon. However, if you miss your shot, you probably will die during the reload because it gives your enemies enough time to shoot back. This weapon has an alternate fire for long-range, but everybody loves it for the benefits it provides on the short one.

Weapon Overview



Cost 900
Magazine Capacity
Wall Penetration

Primary Fire

Fire Rate
1.1 rounds/sec

Alternate Fire

Semi-Automatic Air Burst (extended primary fire shot)
Fire Rate
1.1 rounds/sec