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Ares gun skins and stats

Valorant weapon guide: The Ares

Riot Games created a tactical first-player shooter filled with many rifles, pistols, shotguns, etc. Using a powerful weapon is not enough for becoming a good player: you have to know how to use it properly to achieve something. For that purpose, we created special guides for weapons in Valorant. In these small articles, we talk about weapon damage, price, and other tips and tricks. Today we are going to talk about the machine gun called Ares.


The Ares is the cheaper Heavy in Valorant, costing approximately half of Odin’s price (1600 Credits). The Ares is a “transition” weapon used during a light- or half-buy round, as it is perfect for when you don't have much money. Also, if your enemies are having a save round (for example, the Ares is a good pick if you have just won the first round of the half and they are likely to buy a sidearm or no weapon), there is no need to buy the most expensive weapon you see in the store. Ares will do the job quite well.


The main power of the Ares is its fire rate, but bullets cause massive damage as well. You start firing with 10 b.p.s (bullets per second) and this number rises to 13 b.p.s. rapidly as you spray. However, if you ADS (alternate fire), the firing rate starts at 13 b.p.s. Thanks to the large magazine (50 bullets) you can strike down your enemies one by one without reload.

It is better for close and medium-range duels because the damage is reduced at 30+ meters. This is not a problem but be aware of the damage reduction and be careful when taking on long-range duels.


All automatic guns in that game have two different modes. The hipfire mode has a higher firing speed but awful accuracy. The second mode, ADS, has a higher firing rate and decreases recoil. Furthermore, you can crouch to reduce both vertical and horizontal recoil and reduce the spread of the bullets, making it easier to hit more shots.

However, you still have to control recoil by moving your mouse down slowly as you spray. The recoil can also be horizontal, to the left or right, which is even harder to fix. It won't be a real problem on short-range, but it may be an issue when you are in a long-range duel. At long range, it may be best to fire in short bursts to allow time for the recoil to recover.

To summarize

If you have a small sum of money but want to buy a cheap machine gun, you will usually be choosing between the Ares and the Spectre. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The Spectre is quiet, has no bullet tracers, and causes huge damage to the head or body, with the condition that the shot was made from 20 meters or fewer. The Ares is pretty loud and has a big recoil but causes more damage at a longer range (20 meters or further). Another advantage is that you don't need to reload the Ares too often.

Weapon Overview



Cost 1600
Magazine Capacity
Wall Penetration

Primary Fire

Fire Rate
10 to 13 rounds/sec (increasing during fire)

Alternate Fire

Zoom Mode (1.25x), slight spread reduction
Fire Rate
10 to 13 rounds/sec (increasing during fire)